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We are the FIRST and only company with certification of application of polyurea by the global organisation of polyurea  UPS in Greece.

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Μικρό κομπρεσέρ αέρος
Low pressure paint systems

Mini air compressor 220V

The MINI is a constant flow air compressor, very small, without a container, without oil in the air.
Συσκευή καθαρισμού πιστολιών PWS 700i Συσκευή καθαρισμού πιστολιών PWS 700i 2
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An innovative professional device for cleaning airless and handgun pistols. The cleaning cabinet PWS 700i is for internal cleaning - washing of airless air pump pistols, spray guns etc. but also nozzles.
Heat belt for barrels 200lt Heat belt for barrels 200lt 2
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€168.00 €248.00
Heat belt for 30lt metal cans .It can reduce the viscosity of the material without dilution.
elbow-extension-pole-45 elbow-extension-pole-45 2
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€196.80 €396.80
1 metre elbow spray pole, facilitates the application of the product low down or high up, and is more comfortable for the operator.
GTi Pro Lite Gravity,...
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Manual spray guns

GTi Pro Lite Gravity, Trans-Tech

Professional spray equipment for Fine Finishing. DeVilbiss expertise and performance unequalled at work.

Our Services

  • Proper guidance in selecting the most executive flow and spray solutions based on your needs.

  • Direct you to the correct use of the machine you buy, with video instructions in ENGLISH.

  • Support through personal contact or telephone conversation.

  • Service, maintenance, refurbish for professional flow division machines. 

  • Spare parts for airless, polyurea, polyurethane, mortar pumps!

  • We have the know how for spray, joint, injection application.

  • Invent unique system and machines for worldwide companies and solution for big construction in Greece.

  • Support constructions like Stavros Niarchos foundation , Sub way of Athens and Thessaloniki, Military construction projects, maintenance of ancient monuments like Parthenon, ancient market of Athens, Dilos island etc.

  • Special spray or injection material one or two components, fast set systems, metallisation melt metal spray, thermal spray, Arc, Flame coating, HVOF, Plasma etc polyurea and polyurethan high tec applications, electrostatic coating.

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Exclusive Distributors

in Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Albania for LARIUS, M-TEC, RIGO and Krypton Chemicals. 


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