Airless - introduction

Airless paint Instructions:

Spraying materials with airless 40 years use in all civilized countries of the world reason of rapid application with the best result.

Now and in Greece in recent years more and more professionals use airless pumps in all fields such as Construction, Shipping, Metal construction, Carpenters etc.

The correct use of the pump is the key to a successful application of the material.

Below you will read some indicative guidelines for the proper use of airless pumps.



Choosing Injector

The injectors come in 3 types (Universal, ZIP and Super ZIP) in different sizes with different opening of the fan.

All injectors report on their type, for example 517, 621, 412 etc.

The first number shows the opening of the fan eg 517 = 4 = 40 degrees opening fan 218 = 2 = 20 degrees opening fan (about 15cm) etc. Usually the sizes are 2,4,5 and 6 ie 20,40,50, 60,80,90 degrees opening fan.

The second number 517 shows the cross section of the nozzle hole ie 17 = 0.017 inch cross section of the hole of the nozzle. The cross section of the nozzle usually starts from 0,007 and goes up to 0.060 inches.


Depending on the material, the airless pump and surface spray selecting the appropriate nozzle. Large diameter nozzles get powerful pumps with power 2-11 hp or pneumatic 50: 1-80: 1. The pump manufacturer lists the maximum nozzle that can take the concrete pump.

Fan and cross tip:

For example if we want to paint a wall with emulsion paint will choose a nozzle 417, 418, 419 or 517, 518, 519 or 617, 618, 619 etc. We are interested in the opening of the fan to be big 40, 50 or 60 degrees while the cross section for emulsion paints usually 017, 018, 019 inches. If you want to paint a pillar with plastic color then the cross-section remains the same but change the MEK with a smaller opening fan 217, 218, 219, ie 20 degrees opening fan and 017, 018, 019 inches section injectors remains the same for the plastic color .

In the table below you will see what we propose as the material and the viscosity spray.

injectors cross section Material
007 - 011

Primers, varnishes, polyurethane varnish,

impregnating, protective oil, stone varnish

* Very low viscosity


Paints, varnishes, oil paints, mini,
nappy, Alkyd Undercoat, metallic colors

* Low viscosity


Πλαστικά, ακρυλικά, σιλικονούχα, μοράβια

εποξιδικά, βασικά χρώματα, τσιμεντόχρωμα,

* μεσαίο ιξώδες


Μονωτικά, μονωτικά ακρυλικά, πολυουρεθανικά,

υγρή πίσσα, θιξοτροπικά, χρώματα πισίνας

*μεσαίο - υψηλο ιξώδες


Στόκο παρετίνα ή έτοιμο, πυράντοχα, μη λειαντικά,

στεγανωτικά πολυουρεθανικής βάσης, θερμομωνοτικά

*υψηλό ιξώδες


Επαλειφόμενα τσιμεντοειδή με κόκκο 0,05mm

ελαστικά στεγανωτικά υλικά , καουτσούκ κ.α

*πολύ υψηλό ιξώδες

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