Peelable temporary protective coating for use on a wide range of surfaces such as walls and tile floors

AMISEAL PSO is a liquid based on natural polymers, which is applied by preference with an airless paint spray machine, but can also be applied with roller or paintbrush and dries to a flexible and removable temporary protection film for use on different types of porous and non-porous substrates such as painted walls, concrete surfaces and bricks. This product is mainly used by companies removing asbestos in buildings.

AMISEAL PSO is not UV resistant and therefor fit for inside use only; refrain also from using on surfaces inside being exposed to sunlight.

AMISEAL PSO is easily removed as a plastic film within 6 months after application and does not leave any residue.


PREPARATION » Minimum application temperature during application and during drying: + 5°C. » Perform a test to verify suitability and the absence of any negative effect to the surfaces to be protected. » Remove loose parts, dust and standing water. » Mix well before use. Do not dilute with water or solvents.

APPLICATION » Apply AMISEAL PSO by preference with an airless paintspray device, however AMISEAL PSO can also be applied with a suitable roller or paintbrush. » Minimum consumption: 0,5 kg/m². » Protect surrounding surfaces from overspray during application. » During drying: avoid contact of AMISEAL PSO with water or other products. » Cleaning of tools after application: use K-Cleaner which is an alkaline cleaning agent, and rinse thoroughly with water afterwards 

NatureNatural polymers
Density+/- 1 kg/litre
Colour Liquid: pink; After drying: transparent/opaque
OdorNeutral ; slightly ammoniac
Minimum consumption 0,5 kg/m² 
Airless tool for application Apply with airless at 100 to 150 bar with a spraytip opening of 0,015 to 0,019 inch
ElongationEN12311800% (Ind.)
Tensile properties and elongation.NBN EN ISO 527>350mm
Determination of resistance to tearing (nail shank).EN12310>700%
Dart Drop Test (Impact).ASTM D 1709Pass height : 1,50 meter

Pail of 20kg – Pallet: 20 pails of 20 kg

Storage: 5 – 20 °C store out of direct sunlight

Conservation: 6 months from date of production in unopened and original packaging; 

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