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Our company is dealing business with high quality standards on flow division pumps for spray, joint, injection, lining, transfer systems and Fire flame systems (Arcspray, Flamespray, Plasma, HVOF). We supply high-tech market leading equipment for all major industry, marine, construction sectors..

Provide the right guidance to help to choose the most suitable machine based on the needs of each professional applicator by our professional trained technicians.

exclusive resellers in Greece and Cyprus : 


The FIRST and only company with certification of polyuria application in Greece by the global organisation of Polyurea Development Association.

Authorized Certifications

Espray offer a vast range of high quality pumping solutions for spray, joint, injection, lining, transfer systems including the latest specialist fire retardant coating systems Experienced in supporting a growing market with leading equipment within all major industry, marine and construction sectors.

By providing the right guidance we aim to help our clients choose the most suitable machines and systems for their exacting applications, we offer both training and ongoing support to our customers either in house at our Athens based facility or via remote online video link and telephone communications.

Technical support & after sale services

Espray are able to provide comprehensive Servicing, maintenance and refurbishment of Metallisation Arc Spray and gas spray systems, Airless, HVLP, screw & peristaltic pumps, polyurea, polyurethane spray machines, spray guns etc. We stock and supply spare parts and consumables for all major brands of equipment we supply.

As part of our local service we also offer the option to utilise our spray booth for testing, demonstration  purposes, practical seminars of our machines and equipment with the benefit of a seminar room for theory education and training of our customers and new clients.

Technical and after sale support

Support major projects

  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation 
  • The Orbit
  • Agemar office building 
  • Athens & Thessaloniki Metro
  • Marinos Antypas–Rigas Feraios T2 Tempi Tunnel
  • Araxos  Patra's airport 
  • Parthenon and many ancient temples 
  • F-16 viper stealth paint
  • Piraeus tower
  • Soccer stadiums (PAO, AEK, Panionios)

Stavros Niarchos Foundation: With our experience and know-how throughout the painting of fire-resistant, epoxy, anti-corrosion paints throughout the metal construction of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation with airless machines of the company LARIUS our company fully supported the company TDCHROM or which undertook to the maximum the protection of the whole metal construction of the project.

In a very special and difficult internal pipe application with Φ40 and inside Φ80 we built the innovative internal painting system ES 500NR. Our system based on a spray gun for airless inner tube surfaces could be adjust the arms inside of the pipe.

Service - Maintenance - Refurbish - Spare parts


Provide the right guidance to help to choose the most suitable machine based on the needs of each professional applicator.

Help and train our new customers in our facilities or with on line video call, telephone communication etc.

Technical support & after sale services

Service, maintenance, refurbish with experience in the field of airless, HVLP, screw & peristaltic pumps, polyurea, polyurethane spray machines, spray guns etc. Spare parts for all brands of the global market.

Specially spray booth for testing, demonstration, seminar of our machines and seminar room for the education and training of our customers.

Set up more than 20 trucks in Greece, Cyprus and Albania

Global innovations

TSV by espray

A simple and functional system for painting & finishing floors, parquet, tiles, etc. was built in 2012 by our company and since then the company RIGO sell to many countries around the world!

LP1 Low Pressure Cold Polyurea Machine

At 2013, in collaboration with the German company, with our guidance due to our experience in material spraying machines, the LP1 machine was built, which has been distributed by VIP in many countries of the world market.


Our ES2K build and created for the needs of a Greek industry for welding panels on doors. Our mission was to set up a system for polyurethane glue with a ratio of 4: 1 components which is small in volume, easy to use and clean for heavy industrial use. ES2K has been working 10 hours a day for a long time without any problems with very low maintenance costs.

Our company invests in the evolution of the global market by constantly searching for solutions for the application of materials. For years we are the only company in Greece that suggested by global industries for the correct application of their materials with spray systems, injection systems etc.

For this reason companies such as ALCHIMICA, JOTUN, ISOMAT, SIKA, THRAKON, VIVECHROM, SINTECNO, EUMARIA, TITAN COLTECH, VITEX, MARMOLINE, suggest us to their customer or cooperate with us for the testing of their materials.

References :

  • Guidance for the spraying of the Hyperdesmo series of polyurethane insulating materials of the company Alchimica (since 2012)
  • Proposal and technical guidance for the production of the cold spray polyurea machine LP1 for the German company VIP (2012)
  • Special innovated spray system for pipe paint gun in the construction of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation in collaboration with the company TD CHROM with materials of HEMPEL
  • The idea born from us of the machine of polyurea - polyurethane Easy Spray Hydraulic from single-phase to three-phase for greater efficiency of the machine with the new model that we sell exclusively in Greece the Easy Spray Hydraulic SP4 (2014)
  • Testing and guidance of the most suitable spray system for EUMARIA products in collaboration with espray & Larius (2016)
  • Proposal for the selection of an special 2K machine for the application of two-component polyurethane foam grout materials of MAPEI in the Athens metro (2016).
  • Special machine 4: 1 two-component adhesive machine for COLTECH (2016)
  • Test and guidance of spray of cementitious materials of the company SIKA (2017)
  • Seminar for the correct application of stucco with airless on VIVECHROM facilities (2018)
  • Technical support at internal test demo day of fire-resistant paint of the company SIKA in collaboration with SIKA Hellas (2017)
  • Proper guidance and proposal of a hydraulic machine for the testing of grout of two-component material in the Thessaloniki metro in collaboration with the companies TRADECC and SINTECNO (2018)
  • Proposal and implementation for Easy Spray H - Split polyurea machine for GAMA (2018).
  • Sale and guidance of the unique Magic Plus MP60 machine for special maintenance applications of the Parthenon (2015) and the ancient market of Athens with special microfiber materials (2020).
  • Seminar and training of staff in mortar materials of the company THRAKON (2019)
  • Testing of new material at their facilities for THAKON (2020)

Seminar & Spray Tests

Seminar and test day THRAKON


SIKA training and demo day

Κανάλι youtube Alchimica

Thrakon demo day espray

Larius - Sika τεστ υλικών

Καινοτόμο μηχάνημα by espray

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